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Offering a full wall of protection for businesses through Commercial Insurance policies. Located in Flower Mound, with a strong presence in Lewisville, Denton, Fort Worth, Dallas, Frisco, Arlington and Irving.

Performance Bonds

What are Performance Bonds?: In the most simple of terms, performance bonds are a guarantee that a contractor will finisht the job according to the standards agreed upon. If you don't complete the job as described, the obligee (typically a municipality or government...

Cryptocurrency Insurance Coverage

So you've made the investment into cryptocurrency. Congrats! Now the question is "how do you keep it safe?"   Let's be honest, since it's a digital product it's almost impossible to keep it form getting hacked. But there are something you can do to keep it away...

What Does Flood Insurance Cover?

What does flood insurance cover? Usually when I get asked this question, I answer it with a question. And usually that question is "Why? What happened?" Sometimes it's just a "Oh nothing. I'm just wondering" (It's never a "just wondering" situation) The short answer...

Josh Ashford

Commercial Insurance Guru

Josh started his insurance career immediately after attending the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green!). His first office was in Flower Mound, Tx with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Liberty Mutual gave Josh the tools to learn the insurance industry. During his time w/ Liberty, Josh assisted customers with all of their personal insurance needs. From Cars to Homes. From Annuities to ATV’s.
After having conversations with veteran insurance agents, Josh realized that he wanted to carve out a niche in the insurance world. He wanted to focus on commercial insurance policies for businesses (specifically  Apartment Complexes, Commercial Building Owners, Truckers, Dry Cleaners, Car Washes and Contractors).  He was given this opportunity with Consolidated Insurance Markets in Flower Mound, Tx. Since then, Josh has grown his business and found more time to reinvest into the community.


Josh attends Antioch Christian Fellowship in Corinth, Tx, serves on the board of United Way of Denton County and serves on the board of Lewisville ISD Education Foundation.
He is married to his college crush and they have two children.

Trusted by Community Partners

” I contribute a large portion of my success to his coaching. If I cannot write a personal or commercial insurance policy then I recommend my clients to contact Josh”
Tom Shallue (Austin, Tx)

Insurance Agent

“Josh has been an amazing resource for my business clients when it comes to their commercial insurance needs. What makes Josh great is his desire to create a relationship with you and become your sincere friend. When he wins your business, he does so by building the relationship on trust and integrity instead of on price beating and down-trodding competitors. Happy to call him a friend and confidant.”
Tim Smith (Denton, Tx)

Financial Services

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