This isn't your everyday insurance blog. This insurance blog offers tips about insurance situations/coverage and a host of other real world business situations. Also, their are local experts that write guest blogs. If there is a subject you'd like to hear about, just ask!

Building Sprinkler System Saves $28,000/year

The following is a true story. Everyone loves a good discount. There are some people that won't purchase anything unless there is a discount attached to what they are buying. It kind of makes sense. Who wants to pay more than they have to for anything?...

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Why Do I Need Liquor Liability Insurance?

  Liquor Liability coverage can be confusing enough before you even get into the nuts an bolts. The very name itself ,Liquor Liability, may suggest to someone that it's only needed if their business offers liquor. The truth is, any business that makes, sells,...

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How to Better Manage Your Time

Let's be honest, effective time management seems harder than stopping a Mack Truck, with no brakes, going down hill. It's one of those things that we all try, or "try" in some cases, to get better at but don't seem to make any headway. Seriously, who wants to be the...

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Do I Need Insurance If My Subcontractors Are Insured?

  This is, by far, the number one situation that we come across. You own a business that subcontracts all of the work out. Great! That is a great business model that works for many companies. Your next question is about insurance. How much do you need, if you...

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What Happens If I File A Claim?

    Insurance, of any sort, is one of those things that you have, pray you never use it but are glad that it's there when needed. But how do you know when to file a claim? Will the insurance claim increase your rates? Can the insurance company cancel your...

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How to Reduce Turnover (Guest Blog)

According to, the top three reasons employees quit their jobs include lack of advancement, poor work-life balance, and money in that order.  They also note that the top five deal breakers for employees include a boss that doesn’t trust you, work expectations...

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What Do HOA Insurance Policies Cover?

The school year has just ended and your family recently closed on a home in Flower Mound, TX. Everyone is excited to move in but first there's painting to be done. Your wife chose a beautiful color known as "Gray Screen" for the exterior. You begin to paint only to be...

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Life with Tourette Syndrome

At a young age, I had an itch in my neck that could never be scratched. It would twitch and I'd feel relief only to have that same desire resurface seconds later. My eyes never felt like they were in the right place in my head. I would roll them to scratch the...

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What is an Insurance Audit?

  Have no fear! The IRS isn't coming to your business. An insurance audit is something that every business insurance policy is subject to. Some companies will never go through an insurance audit while others go through them every year. Contractor professionals...

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