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Your business website is the front door to your company. In fact, if a company doesn’t have a website, personally, I won’t do business with them. And sometimes, a bad website is worst than not having a website at all. That is the way our world works these days. 

Let’s look at several “Do’s” to make your business’s website a little more attractive to its guest.

Keep It Simple

Simple backgrounds. Easy Navigation. Clean designs. This is what website visitors are looking for. Tom’s Tree Trimming Company might want to look at having one tree on their background as opposed to a rainforest. Be careful, there’s a fine between line of clean balance and boring. 

Your business website should also make it easy to get in contact with your company. Email addresses and phone numbers should be easy to locate. Jared’s Office Furniture of Lewisville doesn’t have an employee to monitor the phone so their number goes directly to voicemail. Probably not the best method but at least there is a number to call.

Update the Content

There’s nothing worse than calling a company for a service ,on their website, that they no longer offer. Hugalo’s Pizza would lose my business if I called about their delivery special that they no longer offer because they don’t deliver anymore.

An easy way to stay up-to-date is writing a weekly blog. This will keep your website up-to-date with search engines and your visitors will know that you are still in business. Once you start blogging, be sure to keep it up. If your blogs are several years old this could put doubt into your customers mind. 

Respond to Messages

The goal of a business is to make money and this is literally leaving money on the table. Some companies do all the work of setting up a great website and not following up on the fruits of their labor. 

Years ago, we employed an insurance agent that loved to cold call. He would grab a phone book and call all day. He would get to the decision maker and collect everything he needed to offer a quote. After all the work, he would leave the information on his desk. Sounds crazy, right? That’s exactly what businesses that don’t respond to calls are doing. 

I hope I was able to offer some assistance!

Thanks for reading!

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